Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning


Charting a course for the future of your organization can be difficult in this environment of constant change. At Leading Healthy Futures, we help organizations not only manage change effectively, but rise above the day-to-day to gather insight, develop, and ultimately implement an effective and sustainable strategy. 

Our comprehensive strategic planning process includes three phases: 

Assessment of the Current State: Every strategic planning process begins with a systematic internal and external assessment to determine the organization’s unique needs. We help clients understand the current state of their organization’s strategic position through comprehensive assessments of internal and external conditions. These include governance, organizational impact, financial performance, quality indicators, competition, collaborators, and revenue. Using surveys, focus groups, subject matter expert interviews, and other quantitative and qualitative data sources, we gather a 360 degree view of an organization and its served communities.

Envisioning the Future State: With a grasp on the present, organizational leaders envision future possibilities. We present assessments of the current state in a way that invites curiosity and new perspectives, advancing alternatives for a more impactful future state. We help clients develop or refine their own missions, visions, and values and achieve consensus afor a compelling, achievable future. We also facilitate the identification of strategic priorities and objectives to predict achievement of the envisioned future state. 

Developing the Road Map: Once the desire future state is identified, organizations need an action plan to get there from the present. Our team uses further subject matter expert interviews to inform an implementation road map for the organization that will help it achieve its strategic priorities. We identify milestones to help the organization remain on track going forward. Additionally, we assist clients in developing a sustainable financial plan that aligns with their strategic priorities, and a set of measurable outcomes to determine if the organization is achieving its goals and objectives.

Whether it be a new area of service, new level of service, or new paradigm for delivering services, we can help your organization understand its present, envision an exciting future, and develop an action plan to get there. Let us help you develop a compelling future for your organization.

“Leading Healthy Futures provided sound leadership in strategic planning, operations and fundraising during the startup phase of our new trade association. Their efforts were directly responsible for the reinstatement of the agency's not-for-profit status and over $250,000 in new fund development.”
--Jim Zimmerman
Illinois Association of Free and Charitable Clinics

Allow us to help identify the strategic next steps for your organization. 
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