Program Planning

Program Planning


High-quality, effective programs and service delivery are essential to nonprofit organizations in health and human services. At Leading Healthy Futures, we have the experience and knowledge in program planning and evaluation to help organizations assess and improve their current programs, develop new ones, and evaluate their programs’ impact on their constituents and communities.

We provide three main program planning services:

Current Program Assessment: Many organizations want a better grasp of the services they currently offer, how they are working, and what could be done differently. As in our strategic planning process, we assess the current state of your programs to understand programmatic strengths and weaknesses, as well as external threats and opportunities. We take the time to get to know your organization's employees, partners, consumers, and other stakeholders and use their feedback to inform potential program changes or new program directions. We are careful to seek consensus around major programmatic decisions and ensure that internal stakeholders and leadership champion change.

New Program Development: Whether in response to emerging community needs, policy changes, or just an exciting grant opportunity, organizations often wish to develop new programs. Our experienced team helps you conceptualize and design new initiatives that will meet your constituents’ needs and complement current services. We take into account your mission and priorities, current resources, existing commitments, and partnerships, as well as what we know about other programs in the field. Depending on your needs, we conduct market assessments or community needs assessments to ascertain what new services might be of most benefit. We also write grants, design implementation work plans, and create program budgets to ensure that you are fully equipped to execute newly designed programs.

Program Evaluation: We help our clients monitor program performance at every stage of implementation to identify strengths, impact, and opportunities to continuously elevate performance. When writing grants, we build in clear evaluation plans with attainable goals and measurable objectives. Once a grant is awarded, we help set up tracking mechanisms and infrastructure that allow you to collect relevant program data from day one. As implementation progresses, we help generate reports and analyses to help make sense of both process and outcome data. Even if LHF did not participate in the original program evaluation design, our team is able to conduct an evaluation that will help you demonstrate your impact and increase your effectiveness.

Dynamic programs and effective service delivery are at the heart of our clients’ missions. Let us help ensure that you are equipped with the best programs and services to fulfill your mission.

“The LHF team brought an organized, participatory approach
to help us answer complicated questions and make important decisions. We emerged with a shared vision and new organization with tremendous potential." 
--Richard Lee
Executive Director, Waukegan Public Library

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