Grant Acquisition


Leading Healthy Futures' consultants have secured over $8 million in funding for nonprofit clients, including two recent Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) New Access Point awards that total over $1 million annually. We are well-versed in the life cycle of securing grants for nonprofits in health and human services, and our clients rely on us to help them through any and all stages of the process.

We describe the grant process as having five phases:

Prospecting: Identifying appropriate funding sources is a critical first step. Using our proprietary and proven process, we initially identify hundreds of potential foundations for clients. We then carefully cull down the list using our experience and carefully curated criteria to develop a group of foundations that are a good match, often including funders in areas they may never have considered before.

Relationship Development: Maximizing synergy between funder and applicant is an essential piece of our process. After we have identified a strong list of potential funders, we reach out to speak to program officers, learn about what they fund, and introduce them to the client and its mission. Building relationships with funders allows us to position client projects in a manner that aligns well with funder priorities. We only counsel clients to apply for grants that we feel are appropriate and that the client has a competitive chance of securing.

Concept Design: Once appropriate funding opportunities have been determined, we help clients conceptualize and develop their best possible proposal. We assist clients in identifying existing programs that are well aligned, new program ideas that are appropriate, or existing needs that can be framed or articulated to appeal to that funder. Our team works directly with program staff to develop a proposal concept that is both compelling and achievable. We also bring an awareness of other programs in the field, which helps our clients to design a competitive proposal.

Preparation of Submission: Before beginning to draft grant language, our team takes the time to engage in these earlier steps and ensure every opportunity and proposal concept is a good fit. Once the time comes to prepare the submission, our exceptional writing, strong budget development skills, and thorough understanding of the field allow us to effectively compose and assemble an application package that has every chance of being funded. We have extensive experience preparing all types of grant submissions, whether for a small family foundation or a large multi-year federal grant opportunity such as those through the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), the Administration for Community Living (ACL), Substance Abuse and Mental Health services Administration (SAMHSA).

Responding to Decisions: Submitting an application is never the final stage of the grants cycle. We help our clients with next steps upon receiving a funding decision, no matter what the decision may be. If the decision was unfavorable, we follow up with funders to better understand why and how to improve future submissions. If the grant was awarded, we guide initial program implementation, help create a plan to track data and prepare reports, and position clients for successful renewal applications, expansion grants, or related submissions for other funders.

Grant opportunities exist, but take time and expertise to secure. Let us help your organization efficiently find and secure the grant awards it needs to fulfill your mission and serve your constituents.

“LHF is my first contact if I need grant work done. I will always ask LHF first; I don’t feel the need to find anyone else.”
--Kiran Siddiqui
COO, Hamdard Center for Health and Human Services

Contact us at 708-927-0538 to drive the strategy for your next grant application.