Fostering Collaboration

Fostering Collaboration


We know nonprofits want to make the most impact possible with limited available resources. Sometimes, a compelling need or opportunity arises for a group of organizations to join forces in pursuit of a shared goal that could not otherwise be accomplished. Leading Healthy Futures specializes in fostering the development of collaborations and partnerships between compatible organizations with a shared vision. We boast an impressive track record of fostering collaboration and developing strategic partnerships that still exist today.

We help organizations at four main stages of collaboration development:

Determine Approach: Clients often contact us when they are at a crossroads in their growth or service delivery, or have an idea for a new goal that might be better achieved in partnership with other organizations. We work with clients to understand their goals, and how these goals might align with a collaborative approach. If a collaborative approach is a good fit, we help them determine what type of partnership or alliance they would like to form to meet their needs.

Identify Strategic Partners: If a collaborative approach is a good fit, we help clients identify strategic partners. Most clients have a strong understanding of which of their existing partners would be beneficial to include in collaboration. When appropriate, we also help identify new partners. We research and identify appropriate strategic collaborators, and also have a broad knowledge of and close relationships with organizations in health and human services in Chicago and elsewhere that might be a good match for the collaboration.

Define Operational Structures: When a group of partners is ready to move forward in formally developing a collaborative, we help to facilitate its formation. We expertly guide key stakeholders through the process of defining and articulating the goal and vision of the collaborative, as well as how it will operate and be governed, and how to ensure financial stability.

Guide Through Implementation: Too often, the big ideas and impactful solutions envisioned by a new collaboration are never successfully implemented. We help collaboratives avoid this pitfall and make their shared vision into a reality with some effective implementation planning and guidance. We help clients develop strategic priorities, financial plans, implementation time tables, and other tools to keep the group active and achieving goals on time. Many clients also engage us in our program planning, strategic planning, or grants acquisition services as their collaborations grow and thrive.

We can help your organization determine if a collaborative approach will help you reach your goals. Let us help you develop long-lasting partnerships that create a major impact on the communities you serve.

“LHF enabled our collaboration to move from concept to reality."
--Laurel Tustison
Lake County Alliance for
Human Services

If you are developing a new collaboration, we can help.
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